Ok, I’m a little vainglorious and so this may be a little delicate for some….but really…there’s no point in being the perfect weight, and being confident…if you look like cr*p!!

Look after your face!

Many want to believe that it is their personality or place in society that people notices. That is incorrect, when you step out into the world the first thing that anyone notices is how you look. This may seem incredibly superficial but on behalf of the people looking in, how a person looks on the outside is the only thing that they ever may have to base any real judgement on. Based on this observation, adequate personal grooming habits should be practiced everyday.

One of the first things that needs to be taken care of in the morning when you wake up and start grooming yourself is your face. This is a focal point when it comes to your appearance. Your face should be cleaned everyday, walking outside with a trail of toothpaste or shampoo down the side of your face can make give off the impression that you are not very conscious about your appearance. Your face should also be well moisturized with a product that has sun protection in it, this will protect your face from becoming damaged by sun rays. For women make-up may be used and for men shaving may be needed.

Get yourself a sexy haircut!

Another aspect of your appearance that needs to be taken care of everyday is your hair. Hair should be neatly combed and appropriate for the event that you are going to. A bun may be good for work while hair worn out may be better for a night out with the girls. Hair should always be washed and free of any debris. There are some that choose to wear hair extensions. This may save time but it still must be cared for in order for it to stay looking good for the duration of time that it is worn.

Look after your nails- yes, you too gents!

Although it may not seem like it, nail care is another major aspect of personal grooming. Nails should always be clean and an appropriate length. Extra long nails can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt so walking around with 4 inch nails caked up with dirt is not the best route if you are trying to keep up with your appearance. False nails may be another alternative for those that can not seem to find the time to keep up with nail care. Although having false nails will allow the wearer to spend less time on them there are still things that need to be done to ensure that the false nails stay up to par.

Dress to impress

Probably the most important part of keeping up with your appearance is the clothing that we choose. Clothing is more than just a protection from the outer elements, the clothing we were can help outsiders decide how to judge us. Clothing should be clean looking and smelling, wrinkle free, and fit properly.

Keeping up appearances

Keeping up a good appearance can seem like a lot of work but with all the work comes great rewards. Not only will your appearance play a vital role on how people perceive you but how you look can also help build self-esteem.